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Hi there and welcome to the page on Booking Leland Harding III,  With the Release of His new Album " You Are My Everything" and his previous debut Christian Country Album “You Got To Have Faith”. Leland Has been adding dates and plans for the near future. If you are interested in Booking Leland Harding III contact's are below. Send an email and we will be in touch with you as soon as we receive your request. Book Leland Harding III whether it be for your church's event or private event. Festival's around the midwest or more abroad. He would love to see you at a next show whether it be South Dakota, Minnesota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Iowa, Nebraska come on and be a part of the Leland Harding III Music Ministry experience.


Leland looks forward to meeting with all of you. Witnessing for the Lord, sharing his talents, and love for all.


Leland Harding III Performing

Exciting News around Playing in your next event, Churches, Private Shows, or Festivals 

Leland Harding III is so excited to start to book shows in the midwest areas, In the four-state area and further. Now is a great time for you to come and experience one of Leland Harding III Music Ministry shows. He is a wonderful Life Message Artist Witnessing on his Life's Experiences from his struggles with disabillity, Cancer, and Sin. He wants you to know that each and everyone is so important, and that everyone has a story. The Lord loves you!

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